There are companies selling real estate investing knowledge for $25k, $50k and even $100k plus. Many of the so-called gurus out there have very little personal investing experience. They make their money selling education and NOT primarily as investors.

Our organization is the opposite of that…..

We believe in low cost education. If you are willing to read a book or watch online videos, you can learn our techniques for a couple hundred dollars. If you need live, sensory, in the field type learning, then for a couple thousand dollars, we will personally teach you. If you need multi-platform (web, live, written) education, then we can provide that as well for around $5000. The beauty of our system is that you can step into education WITHOUT the huge up front commitment that many other companies require.

We divide our education into two main categories: PASSIVE & ACTIVE. We have found that generally, our clients are trying to create some combination of these two income streams. We are happy to teach both. In other words, we teach you how to fish AND are happy to sell you fish directly! Whatever your interest in Real Estate, or whatever the point in your investing career, we have a carefully tailored product for you with a dedicated team to teach and answer questions every step of the way.

Our Training Material Packages

Intro Package


Aaron Adams has condensed all of his best ideas into “Tips, Tricks, Foreclosures and Flips”. A book that can be read in under two hours, Aaron has essentially created an instruction manual and overview of his best-investing ideas and secrets.

Subscription Package

$200 for first year, $240/year recurring

Watch hours and hours of our training and learn at your own pace, listen to our weekly radio show and access YEARS of programming and read/follow links to our partner’s websites who have agreed to share their content and knowledge with you.

Active-Income Package


Get the formulas, learn how to evaluate markets, find motivated sellers, lock up deals with no money of your own and flip them to investors without even having to buy the deal!

Passive-Income Package


In order to attend this two-day training, you MUST be personally screened and vetted by Aaron and his team. You MUST have at least $75,000 in available capital to invest PASSIVELY. You MUST be in a position to afford to invest this money into real estate for years if necessary.