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(Intro Package included with Subscription Package). has been created to compile all of our best web-based video, audio, and written content in one easily accessed location. Watch hours and hours of our training and learn at your own pace, listen to our weekly radio show and access YEARS of programming and read/follow links to our partner's websites who have agreed to share their content and knowledge with you. Once a month, Aaron will create his in the field Go-Pro-style inner circle videos. Watch as Aaron meets with his management team, attends auctions, does budgets on his own properties, builds home, evaluates commercial properties, networks with his power team — in a raw, unedited format, Aaron has agreed to bring along his camera and shoot the real estate he has been doing for years and you get to be a fly on the wall to enjoy and learn!*

*($15.00 shipping and handling fee required and included in initial payment)*



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