Aaron Adams
Founder & CEO of Alpine Capital Solutions

Describes The Education They Provide & Houses He Sells With His Unique Turnkey System!

Imagine Your IRA Owning a Rental Property

Transfer Your IRA Into A Proven Real Estate Investing Process

Only a small percentage of investors understand that you can use IRA money or 401K money from a previous job to own rental properties. An even smaller percentage of investors have taken control of their retirement money from the typical financial planners at companies like Fidelity and Merrill Lynch and diversified into bricks and mortar.

Imagine your IRA Owning a rental property. The name of your IRA literally goes on the deed. And every month rent gets sent to your IRA. This is not a withdrawl, in most cases it is a simple transfer. A simple process that can take a few minutes of your time and only a few hundred dollars to set up.

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Tracey and Brandon B. – Clients of Alpine Capital Solutions

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We have worked with hundreds of investors just like you. We show you step by step how to identify rental properties you want to own and then take money that is in the stock market and use it to buy real estate. We walk you through how to use your IRA to pay for the insurance and property taxes and maintenance bills without having a non-qualified withdrawal taking place

Decide How Your Money Is Invested
With A Self-Directed IRA

9 out of 10 investors in this country let their IRA and 401k be managed by a financial planner. If you are tired of seeing 4% a year and would like to learn how to own real estate in your IRA, then we are eager to teach you the steps. The big financial firms in this country do NOT care if you are making the return you need to give you enough money to retire on. We have watched hundreds of investors making 10% on just the rent PLUS make 5%+ on appreciation. Could you imagine how much more money you would have if you had just made 10% on your IRA over the last 7 years??? IF you would have purchased a rental property 7 years ago, and made 10% a year on the rents (something not difficult to do) your money would have DOUBLED by now.

Stop Paying IRA Management Fees

Many of our clients have no idea that they have been paying 3%+ a year on their IRA and 401K as management fees to the big firms. If you have $100,000 in an IRA, are you aware that you were hit with THOUSANDS of dollars for management fees? We are experts in helping you understand how you can get out of the market and invest in something much easier to understand…bricks and mortar rental properties.

Hear From Our Current Customers

It's an eye-opener! It's exciting! The information is invaluable and the whole team was absolutely incredible.

Shabyna S.Alpine Capital Solutions Customer

I would absolutely recommend this course to anybody. If you don't come here you are completely robbing yourself.

Cuthberto R.Alpine Capital Solutions Customer

We had a great time this weekend. We saw a ton of properties and got lots of information.

John T.Gardnerville, NV

I was able to extensively learn a whole lot about real estate. It gave me such an extraordinary experience and I would love to come back!

Natalie H.Alpine Capital Solutions Customer
Learn From A Pro

Meet Aaron Adams

Aaron Adams has been a full-time real estate investor since leaving his job teaching High School Spanish in the early 2000s. He has purchased thousands of properties in California, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina and Illinois.

Aaron has purchased several thousand properties with a particular focus on single family homes in blue collar and middle class neighborhoods. However, his scope of experience includes: apartment complexes, commercial property, new construction and mobile home parks. He currently is focused on Indianapolis, Charlotte, Kansas City and Dallas.

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